Pinterest for Business: The Definitive Guide! [PART 1]

When a few years ago, broke into the social media landscape, a lot of bloggers wasted no time in publishing different articles on how to drive traffic and make money with Pinterest. Of course, most of what was published then were nothing but a desire to simply leverage on a trending topic – the birth of a new social media site that was taking the internet by storm!

Here’s one such post I did back in 2012.

Besides the reason for doing those post, most of the Pinterest for business posts done back then were mostly based on business ideas that were working on other social media sites. As expected, most of those articles were far behind when it comes to relevance.

Today there's so much information and business stats about that in the past few months, after some indepth research I decided to do this series on building a successful online business using Pinterest.

Hope you find it useful and helpful!

The definitive guide to using Pinterest for business

The Pinterest Business Model – What You’re About To Learn

Here’s a summary of what you're going to learn in this guide:

1. How to determine what niche to target on Pinterest

2. How to pick the best affiliate products based on Pinterest traffic

3. How to build a niche blog that leverages Pinterest’s audience

4. How to maximally monetize your niche blog

5. How to drive massive traffic from Pinterest

6. How to convert and build leads for long term business gains using Pinterest!

So, if you're ready… then let the party begin…

A Few Interesting Stats About

  • Pinterest is the fastest growing website over the past few years
  • Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Youtube, Google + and LinkedIn combined!
  • Pinterest generates 4x more revenue than Twitter and 27% more revenue than Facebook, per click
  • Pinterest has over 25million registered users as at Jan. 2013 and over 28million monthly unique visitors – Comscore
  • Pinterest is evaluated to be worth $2.5 Billion dollars as of Feb. 2013 while another $200 million of funding was recently injected into its capital base.

From the above you can see that Pinterest is not just a passing fad. Also, it is clear that its value is not just in the amount of traffic you can drive to your business site compared to other social media sites.

Pinterest's value is in how much its traffic converts to revenue as seen in the stats above!

It was actually these stats that motivated me into doing a research on Pinterest for business based on a social media selling strategy I laid out in this post sometime ago.

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How to Build a Profitable Business With Pinterest

1. Picking A Target Niche

Just like any other online business, you need to start with niche research. It is definite that not every category on Piterest that can make you money. And so, if you are looking to build a profitable business with Pinterest you need to start with determining your target niche.

To help you with this let me give you some more stats about Pinterest’s top niches and demographics.

  • 84% of all Pinterest mobile app users are females!
  • 72% of all Pinterest mobile site users are females!
  • 70% of all Pinterest desktop users are females!
  • The age bracket of all Pinterest users are between 25 and 49
  • Caucasians form over 75% of all Pinterest users.
  • 28% have an annual income of over 100k!

Looking at these stats what can you make of them?

Of course, it is very clear that this is a female dominated social media site!

And that is really not surprising because as a visual platform, our women folk have find in it an online tool which they can readily use as an online album for collecting beautiful and stylish fashions and designs.

This is collaborated by the fact that the top most active and repinned categories on Pinterest are:

  • Hair and Fashion
  • Women's Fashion
  • DIY Art and Crafts
  • Food and Drinks, And
  • Home Decor!

Now based on these stats, when choosing a target niche for your Pinterest business model you should target the kind of stuff that people like to look at rather than what they want to read about.

Put simply…

…choose a niche where your content can work best with images instead of words!

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2. Keyword Research

Traditionally, keyword research involves finding keywords that have high search volume but low competition. However, for your niche sites built basically around Pinterest traffic you need to go beyond this. As mentioned above, you should go for keywords that can be better illustrated by pictures/images.

For example, if you decide to target the “home decor” category, you could go for something like this: “bedroom decorating ideas for nearly weds.” This is definitely a keyword phrase in which people want to see images showing them what you have in mind rather than text that simply tell your story.

Another thing worth noting is that you needn’t agonize over the competition. You simply need a little creativity. Choosing long tail keywords with reasonable monthly searches that can be better presented in images will do great. And so, instead of spending the time trying to research the competition, simply pick a few keyword phrases that you could create your content around and then move on to the next step.

And talking about the next step, we will need to keep that for the next post as this post is already getting too long! ? But before that here are some places where you can easily and quickly uncover what is most popular on Pinterest right now:

Hope you find some good use for these sites in your desire to build a profitable business based on Pinterest traffic.

In order not to make this post too long, I'm breaking it here TO BE CONTINUED in our next post!

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PART 2: How to Set Up Your Blog to Leverage the Power of Pinterest for Business

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