Are You a Strategic Entrepreneur Or a Business Opportunity Seeker?

There is no doubt about it. The internet is a great potential for achieving our dreams of financial freedom and being our boss. And this is the single reason why everyday hundreds of thousands of people troop to establish their digital presence.

Recent stats show that every 60 seconds 511 websites are created, 11,000 professional searches are conducted on LinkedIn, 72 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube and more than 200 million emails are sent!

This is interesting indeed.

Unfortunately, a good number of these people, many of whom are online to make money, are no more than opportunity seekers.  They are always looking for some quick money instead of building a real .  The result is that you have a lot of promotions online with headlines like:

  • How to make $5,000 part-time online – NO selling whatever!
  • Your guaranteed blueprint for making $100,000 every week, working in your pajamas!
  • My done-for-you, business-in-a-box home business. Get it now & start making money online in 30 minutes!

The purpose of this article is to prevent you from falling into this mess. It will guide you on how to become a strategic achieving your dream of financial freedom through building a solid business on the net.

being a strategic entrepreneur
But first,

Who Is An Opportunity Seeker And Who Is A Strategic Entrepreneur?

Opportunity seekers are always after the quick buck. They only think opportunistically and are always on the lookout for the next big thing.  They are never focused rather they are always looking to make lots of money from the hot item of the day.  These are the types of people who are readily taken in by every business opportunity that comes their way.

Most of those promoting these opportunities know the mindset of the opportunity seeker is always, “Can I make money from this?” and so their ploy is always to emphasize the money making aspect. Ask them what is the product or service you are selling and how does it help my target audience? And you are sure to receive any particular answer!

But remember, every business makes money by either selling a product or rendering a service!

The strategic entrepreneur on the other hand, thinks in a completely different way. Rather than the “hit and run” mentality of the opportunity seeker, the true entrepreneur..

a. Starts with one opportunity,

b. Have a strategic vision of what they want their business to become; and

c. Stay the course until their dream is realized.

To ensure that their dream become a reality, the strategic entrepreneur will always develop a plan on how they are going to get to their desired goal.

The result is that while the opportunity seeker is struggling to take care of their business because they are always taking action based on what appears to be the most appealing thing that day, rather than having a long-term vision of what they want to accomplish with their business, the strategic entrepreneur steadily and gradually moves towards their goal doing what brings success everyday!

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Alright, let’s get with…

5 Simple Ways on How to Become a Strategic Entrepreneur

1.    Have  A Clear Vision

Have a clear vision of your success

Your success as an internet entrepreneur starts from within. As the saying goes, As A Man Thinketh, So Is He!

To build a real business online you must first have a clear vision of what you want to build. You should be able to visualize the end result before it ever happens. Create a clear picture of what you want in your imagination because the truth is that your imagination is the workshop of your soul. It’s where the end product (your business) is first shaped and formed.

Having a clear vision from the beginning will ensure that you know what to focus on instead of jumping about.

2.    Invest Time In Building Your Business

build your business

Building a solid business is not something that is done in a day just as the saying goes. Rome was not built in a day!

Your business requires an investment of time. Unfortunately, this is where many fail because they are always looking out for the Greenbacks. And when these delay in coming, they simply jump ship.

You must dish the quick buck mentality and put in the time to achieve your vision. We all have 24hrs a day – the rich and the poor alike; the successful and the unsuccessful. One thing however is, how much you get from that 24hrs depends on how proactive and productive you are in the use of the 24hrs you have.

Invest them judiciously in your business and you'll reap the rewards in no distant time.

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3.    Learn The Skills Necessary For Succeeding Online

Building a successful online business

In every trade you need certain skills to stand out. Succeeding online is not different.

FACT: The hardest part of building a profitable business online is not really the act but knowing WHERE and HOW to START.

It is about knowing exactly what to do!

GOOD NEWS: You can always learn these things because there’s enough information out there to help.

BAD NEWS: There’s way too much information out there that you could spend eternity trying to learn the WHAT, the HOW and the WHERE.

But it can be done. I recommend you start by downloading the 7-Day eProfit Blueprint! Click here to get it!

4.    Stay Focused

work your plan

Why do many jump from one opportunity to another with so much ease?

Simply put, they lack focus…

… which of course is a product of not having a vision!

However, if you have set your vision as stated above and you are putting in every effort to achieve your vision, focus will not be problem.

We are quite aware that there are a hundred and one things online that will readily become a distraction. But if you can set your target and focus your energy in achieving your dreams, the skies will be the limit.

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5.    Be Disciplined

Stay disciplined and get success

This is necessary if you are going to be a strategic entrepreneur. Working strategically does not come in a platter of gold. It requires all of your mental and physical concentration. You need discipline in managing your time and resources.

Like I mentioned above distractions are everywhere. And faced with such situations it is only self discipline that will help you.

A simple trick that will help is to have a to-do-list with time frames. Once you have this in place you can then train yourself to concentrate on each task at every point of time.

Alright, there you have it, my recipe for escaping the opportunity seeker’s mentality and becoming a strategic entrepreneur. I hope this was helpful.

Let’s continue this discussion in the comment section below.  Feel free to share your thoughts.

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  1. Hi Chadrack,

    I am with you 100% on this issue. Too many people live in a fantasy of make-money-online, without working, just adding titles. The tips above are great ones, and will of course help. I’ll just add my two cents: staying in it for the long-run and collaborating with your peers.

    Again, great stuff!

  2. This is the type of blog post we all need to be reading from time to time Chadrack in order to remain on track.

    You know, I’ve been filled with some go-do-it spirit after reading this post. Man, i couldn’t have agreed more on your points and i wish more would be entrepreneurs will read this post.

    Ask many bloggers and internet marketers out there and they will tell you that they want to make money but, ask them their plans for making the money and you will be amazed at their responses.

    So you see, most people want to make money but they don’t have a strategic plan to make the money and that’s why they are the opportunity seekers, everything that passes will always seem to them as the answer.

    You’re right on point Chadrack and, I’m happy to have read this post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  3. There is of course more to it as an online entrepreneur. But that is something many fail to understand. Going in for those shiny quick money schemes are what they are more interested in.
    At the end, disappointments and frustrations.

    This post was shared on Theodore’s time and I am going to do same. Do have a lovely day bro.

  4. I wish that I could take an idea, research it like you and put it on paper in the same fashion that I have just read. Your ideas are fantastic.

  5. This is true everyone thinking to make a quick money and not to build a business. Only a few of us to thinking to become an entrepreneur and this post will help how to be a strategic entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing this post Chadrak.

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