Are You A Blogger or An Entrepreneur?

I've written on the subject of blogging as a home business idea on this blog sometime ago. Besides, if you've taken time to really consider what this blog stands for you'd have definitely come to understand that I focus much on content that helps you build a business online.

However, I still have the feeling that not very many of the readers of this blog truly understand this. I know that most of the blogs that I visit every day concentrate mostly on blogging and blogging tips. This is understandable considering the fact that blogging is a popular topic on the net. But the question is: What is the purpose of your blog? Do you just consider yourself as just a blogger or as an entrepreneur? And if an entrepreneur is it not important that you learn what it really takes to profit with your business?

There are definitely different types of blogs on the net right now. But I for one believes that you are either a personal blogger or a business blogger. And the group of business bloggers is the focus of this blog. Those whose desire is to build blogs that will help them make money on the net. If you're a personal blogger this blog will make no sense to you.

So when love moneymaker commented on the post: “Why You Gotta Use SEO For Your Business Promotions!” and said,

It is really important to get seo in your business but the question is how many of them really have a business”

I had to once again take a look at the issue of, how many of the bloggers out there are really building businesses?

That's why I'm asking, are you an entrepreneur building a business online or are you just a blogger? Are you running your blog as a business? Do you have a website that you're promoting with your blog or is your blog your business?

Before I took up this blogging enterprise I did a lot of research on the subject of blogging. Frankly I discovered that 99% of the blogs I frequented then only talk about blogging and blogging tips. As much as this is okay, the truth is if your focus is just building a blog you would be mortgaging your future on quick sand!

You want to read one of my posts: How To Build A Business And Not Just A Blog! which I did sometime ago. In that post I gave 5 fundamentals to building a business and not just a blog. Do yourself a great deal of good today and read the post.

Of course, all of these are just my thoughts. Maybe you don't agree with this idea that building a business and not just a blog is necessary. Maybe still you don't agree with Love Moneymaker who said: “how many of them really have a business?”

Whatever your take feel free to share with us in the comments below.

  1. Blogging is just a platform and one of the reason i was successful before facebook came along but i guess we all learn to adapt to what is hot and what is not . Let me tell you who bloggers really are . They are one of the foundations of why there is such a thing as internet marketing ,.
    Blog are one of the reasons why there are so many social marketing platform like facebook , digg, and twitter. pops up one after another .

    blogs can be simple and easy to search engines . and because blog have active communities getting help from another is just a mail away . or a post away .

    the biggest obstacle is finding the right affiliate buisness to do or the right way to promote your buisness. Well i guess if you need the education i am sure chad will be glad to share some links that has help him to get where he is right now .

    If anyone need help with their blogs please ask .
    .-= love moneymaker?s last blog ..Follow me for free traffic !!! =-.

    • Great thoughts there. Blogging is definitely a platform. It shouldn’t be an end to itself.

      What I’m trying to point out in this post is as a blogger you should develop an entrepreneur’s mindset. Position your blog as a tool for building your business on the net. It is when you do this that you can truly benefit with your blogging endeavours.

  2. I can say that I’m a entrepreneur person because as of now I’m thinking and planning to start a business which is in demand and last as the years comes.

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